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At Cortijo Las Minas Equestrian Centre we believe that not all people are the same, therefore not everyone wants to do the same thing when they are on holiday.

At Cortijo Las Minas Equestrian Center we offer you a solution. We are flexible about the Riding Activities that we offer.

We understand that not everyone who is looking for Riding Holidays wants to or is physically fit enough to ride a horse for six hours a day. That perhaps there are people who want to ride in the morning and take a break, do other things, or other tourist activities in the afternoon. 

Not all members of every family ride horses, very often one partner rides and the other doesn't, but you want to go on holiday together and enjoy doing a bit of  everything.

For all these people we offer the option for you to tell us how many hours a day you want to ride and what other activities you would like to do. When we have this information we can put together Special Made to Measure Riding Holiday Packages for each client, with or without accommodation.

This could be a mixture of lessons and hacking. it could be shorter rides for the first days and longer ones later in the week. It could be two days with a half day ride each day and then a 3 day trail ride. We can combine riding at Cortijo Las Minas Equestrian Center with accommodation at Hotel Carlos Astorga so that everything is within the same complex and within walking distance.

We help you find the most adequate accommodation for you:

 Hotels and Rented Accommodation


There is nothing new about making the connection between human health and contact with horses. However at Cortijo Las Minas Equestrian Centre we are going to give it a whole new meaning!

How does the horse improve our health? - In so many ways we can't even imagine them all.

At Cortijo Las Minas we take a hollistic approach to health, horses and riding. You will find that contact with horses improves our lives on all levels, physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. The horse's three dimensional movement helps and stimulates the rider's body to move with it. Riding is physically a very demanding sport which uses the whole body - it helps the rider achieve fitness, strength, resistance and flexibility while improving balance and posture. Intense physical activity in natural surroundings in the open air is very revitalising, rewarding and satisfying.

Contact with horses is extremely rewarding for us - our relationship with them is a simple one based on trust and mutual respect. It stimulates self confidence, self awareness and feelings of well-being and relaxation in the rider. Riding and being in contact with horses helps us redefine our relationship with the natural world and gives us a sense of calm and of being intune with ourselves and nature.

For a completely revitalizing experience we are now offering a 7 night 6 day Specialised Course focused on Health with Horses. For individuals and Groups. All the courses are tailor made to suit individual needs and to address issues as they arise. We offer a six day programme with an assessment session, ridden or on the ground, 2 one hour lessons with a break in the morning and between one and two hours hack in the country in the afternoon/evening. Mixed media analysis each day. With the added benefit of the extras we can offer such as Yoga and massage.

 7 nights Accommodation at Almohalla 51 - (Archidona) or Finca Las Encinas - (Iznájar) with Breakfast and one courtesy evening meal

  • Six day course at Cortijo Las Minas 690€ per person
  • 7 nights accommodation with breakfast included - please ask for prices
  • Optional extras Yoga, Massage, Spa (May, June, July, Sept, Oct only) 



We also offer the solution if you want everything simplified and to pay an all included price:

  • One Price 820€ six days riding with seven nights accommodation
  • Up to six hours riding a day 
  • Accommodation Full Board

Accommodation at 

OFFER 6 days horse riding with 7 nights accommodation for only 820€ 



Throughout the year we do several Special Offers each season with an average of up to six hours riding over a weekend with accommodation included.

See Special Offers/Prices


Since 2009 we have offered the possibility of learning two such completely different and yet totally comptible skills as Horse Riding and Mediterranean Cookery.

We offer combined Horse Riding and Mediterranean Cookery Courses in conjunction with Finca Las Encinas, at paraje de los juncares in Iznájar, Córdoba.

The Horse Riding we offer in this case is a mixed course of lessons and hacking, depending on the level of experience of the riders: Beginners, Novice, Intermediate or Advanced.

The pupils learn to ride a horse, either starting from the beginning, or depending on your level of experience correcting and improving techniques in position, balance, seat, application of the aids etc. in dressage and jumping. We go out hacking to enjoy ourselves, relax and enjoy the countryside. The length of the hacks depends on the level of ability of the riders.

Clive and Maki Ridout, of Finca Las Encinas take care of the accommodation and the Course in Mediterranean Cookery. You can learn to prepare your favourite dishes, a delicious selection of tapas and much more, using natural fresh ingredients straight from their vegetable garden and local markets, while you benefit from the expertise and innovation of a Chef of highly acclaimed international reputation, all while you are taking a break in a wonderful hidden corner of the centre of Andalusia

To see the courses and prices etc. go to:

More Information: Go Learn To and Finca Las Encinas



What better way to look after your body than to go horse riding and then finish up with a relaxing session at a spa.

Go Horse Riding to get fit, gain strength and flexibility. Practising this beautiful sport, which is at the same time a combination of discipline, balance, strength, physical fitness and flexibility, you will gain understanding of how the horse works and reacts to the signals we give it. After the hard work - the compensation: enjoy, in a quiet relaxing setting, a saline pool, a jacuzzi, a light lunch on a terrace with refreshing drinks, spend some time in total relaxation with a back massage included.

As with the previous course with Mediterranean Cookery we offer a mixed course of lessons and hacking according to the level of experience of the riders. Beginner, Novice, Intermediate or Advanced.

The participants learn to ride a horse, from the beginning or depending on your level of experience correcting and improving techniques in posture, balance, seat, application of th aids, etc. in dressage and jumping.

We go out hacking to enjoy ourselves, relax and to enjoy the surrounding countryside. The length of the hacks depends on the level of ability of the riders.

After a morning on horseback, and after a short transfer of 15 minutes by car, you spend the afternoon in the capable hands of Philippa Pascoe at her home and Spa, Body Zone in the neighbourhood of Dehesa de los Montes, Cuesta La Palma, Loja, Granada.

For timetables and prices etc. see:

More Information: Go Learn To and Body Zone Spa




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