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Equitation Workshops - Caring For Your Horse

At Cortijo Las Minas Equestrian Centre we offer Equitation Workshops for kids, youth groups and adults, at really economical prices.

For people who are really interested in horses it isn't just a question of learning to ride; learning how to look after your horse - both as a friend and a domestic animal - is an integral and deeply rewarding part of the experience, helping to create a closer connecton and understanding between horse and rider.

We teach you the basics of how to handle your horse and the requirements of everyday horse-care for example you will learn how to:

Approach your horse in a calm, confident manner, both inside and outside the stable.

Put on a head collar, lead him and tie him ready for grooming.

Groom your horse, the use of the grooming kit, how to pick out and care for the hoves.

How to tack-up correctly - put on and adjust the saddle and bridle ready for riding.

We do this through a combination of informal talks, - for example, we explain a little about tack, the saddles and bridles, the different types of bits and what they are used for, or any other topic - and practical demonstration, then we help you groom and tack up your horse, (each pupil does his/her own).

We do a group riding lesson in the enclosed arena in accordance with the riding abilities and experience of the participants.

After this we take a break to have a snack and a drink, or in the case of adults a drink and tapa.

Then we ride again, for example, we usually head out into the local countryside for short hack of about 40 minutes.

On returning from your ride you will again turn your attention to the comfort and wellbeing of your horse. You will now learn to:

Untack the horses after riding and put the tack away correctly.

Shower off or brush down your horse.

After learning a little about what horses eat you will help prepare the right type and amount of food for your horse and feed him.

We offer this activity on a monthly basis to the children, young people and adults who visit our centre regularly for lessons. We also offer it to local councils, youth groups and schools in the area as a youth group activity or school excursion.

Group activity, minimum 6 people

Next Dates for Equitation Workshop for kids: 10th December 2023

For more information and itinerary, contact info@centroecuestrelasminas.com



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