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Horse Riding - Hacking by the Hour

At Cortijo Las Minas Equestrian Centre we offer horse riding in the surrounding countryside, hacking, for short periods of time, from 1 to 3 hours. These rides are open to everyone who wants to ride a horse, even if you have never ridden.

Our horses are real experts at this, they are quiet and well behaved, well trained and very used to taking all levels of rider out hacking.

Our horses are sensitive to the needs, ability and experience of their riders. Their level of training and the variety of their daily work allows them to be adaptable - reassuringly gentle and well behaved with beginners, whilst being responsive and willing with more experienced riders - and to be interested in doing their job well.

With your mount carefully matched to your level of experience, you will always feel safe and confident out hacking with us, allowing you to enjoy a wonderful experience.

The rides follow a series of country paths and tracks, drove roads, bridle or foot paths and sometimes cross open country in the area surrounding Cortijo Las Minas, known as "Paraje de los Borbollones" between Salinas and Villanueva de Tapia, Malaga. We ride through areas of Mediterranean forest, olive groves, wooded valleys, scrubland and open farmland.

We carefully match the length, pace and terrain of the ride to suit the abilities of all the riders in the group, never going beyond the abilities of the least experienced. We never force you to trot or canter against your wishes or go beyond your confort zone.

Our rides are always accompanied by at least one qualified professional guide and sometimes by more helpers from our equestrian centre.

We offer you help, advice and support at all times during our hacks so that you have a safe and very enjoyable experience. We do let the more daring try trot, canter and gallop, in fact we even positively encourage them, but always within safe limits for both riders and horses.

For experienced riders we can raise the level of difficulty and the rhythm of the hack, so that there will be more time for trot and canter, more changes of level, a few streams or ditches to jump etc. Please note, your guide is responsible for deciding the speed and difficulty of the ride and his/her decisions must be respected at all times.

We can advise you how long to ride for according to your experience. It is advisable to do only what your riding experience and current level of physical fitness will allow, as  horse riding is a physically demanding activity. So that your riding is a pleasure and you have a wonderful experience to remember please let us guide you in how many hours to ride at a time.

Hacking by the Hour: 1 hour, 11/2 hours, 2 hours, 3 hours



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